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Official CoG Web Site


The Official Guild Site. However many of us can now be found in Second Life.

Ae'gura in Second Life: Second Life Uru

Contact Guild Master Nalates with questions


Uru Obsession Maps

    Various maps form the Guild and other sources are located in the Library.  

Uru Related



    This site is intended to be a One-Stop repository links to all things Uru related. Members of the GoMa and other guilds contribute to its maintenance and information.  

The Hidden Places of the D'ni

    This web site tries to explain the history, functions and purposes of locations and machines to be found in the D'ni caverns and the Ages.  

Uru Guilds


Guild of Archivists


I love this site. It is the nicest looking forum. The writing tools there are excellent. Because of the huge amount of information one must use search to find things. One can search the site using Google (add the tag SITE:http://www.dprw.net/ in the Google search window). One may also use the catagory tags used to file all archived information.

If you are looking for official Myst information (the official canon) this is the site. For those writing ages this is the primary story reference for D'ni era information as well as current day information.

The site is recognized by Cyan and my understanding is the authors of the D'niPedia are working with Cyan to maintain an accurate storyline.


Uru Guild of Maintainers

Guild of Maintainers 

This guild is charged with testing new User Created Content (UCC) for Uru known now as MO:RE (Myst Online: Restoration Experiement). There are sections of their forum devoted to verious ages and their stages of testing plus lists in progress. 

For Vista users installing ULM


Set your ULM settings to: http://ulm.hbyte.net/

For help with installing ULM to the UCC you can start here: Uru Obession Guild of Cartographers ULM Help (GONE) The page contains a set of links to most of the ULM help threads at various forums.

What is ULM? See GoMa Uru Library Manager


Guild of Messengers

GoMe Facebook GoMe Twitter GoMe Pub GoMe YouTube

This is the guild for newsletters and monthly publication of the going ons in the Myst Uru world.



Uru Guild of Writers

Guild of Writers GoW Forum GoW Wiki PyPRP/GoW-PyPRP Uru Age Writing This guild provides much of the information regarding age building. Their forum and wiki are excellent sources of information and tutorials on age building using 3DMax, Blander, and Maya. There is some information for using Unreal.  

Both the Guild of Writers and the Guild of Maintainers are heavily involved in writing and testing UCC ages. Some ages are currently available for solo players using Ages Beyond Myst/Path of The Shell or Complete Chronicles. The GoW has a good page on how to install the Uru Library manager and another for setting up Blender (high end free 3D modeler and animator) to edit and build ages. Use their directions as they are updated more often. For those running Vista I have my install experience in the PDF: (soon)

As of now, 2015, ages are being added to private servers running the Uru world. See:


Uru Guild of Fine Artists


Ace and Tweek were forming this guild 2008-9. Find the the announcement on MOUL HERE. Currently the guild sppears to have disappeared.


Numerious Other Guilds

MO:UL - MO:RE Guilds

There are a number of guilds in the Myst Uru world. I have not listed them all.  

ClockworkOrangeBBS - (18 and older)

Gone    Gone  

This forum is a tight community and the mods are way more relaxed. Language can get R rated. Discussions of hacking are permitted. Distribution of files is prohibited as that has legal liabilities they wish to avoid.

A server failure caused the lost of much of the research history that resided here. The knowledge was well disseminated so it was not lost. The masters of the URU science hang there and have created a wiki of Uru Hacking Knowledge.


The Great Tree

Gone This site has the back story for Uru. It is in Windows and Mac video formats.  



This is a forum for those designing Uru Servers and Blender Plugins and other age design tools. Paraphrasing what they say about their site:

Alcugs [A Live Compatible Uru Game Server], is an open source project. The software will be an alternative software to the closed source Plasma Servers. The project started to bring back the possibility to play Uru with your friends because Uru Live was discontinued early 2004. In 2005 Untìl Uru was released.

Alcugs project main goals are: An open source alternative for the Plasma servers. An API, to be able to talk to the Alcugs & Plasma servers, and perform some administrative tasks. Improbe the security of the protocol and the server. But this is really hard due to the closed source clients Create a framework for shard owners that will allow to add new content on the fly to the servers

This site appears to have closed and the projects abandoned in favor of Open Uru and the Cyan favored projects their.

7d7 3d Engine Project

      This is a project to create a server side engine to run Uru and allow user created ages to be explored in a multi-user environment.  

UBI no longer has information on hacking Uru that I can find (5/2015)

UBI Forum - Ages Beyond Myst

  PDF Hack Sheet 2004 PDF - 30k    
    This is an an old compilation of original hacks for the 'Ages Beyond Must' original game. It is a collection of hacks and crarks I found and in some cases added to. It is way out dated and resides here only for historical purposes.  
  PDF Hack Sheet 2006 PDF - 40k    
    This is a newer document with March 2006 information and links for installing Un'til Uru and getting into the online game.  
  Hack Sheet 2007 None Age Builders Info  

At this time the community is anticipating Cyan's release of age building tools. GameTap is looking a producing (and probably selling) age building tools. So, hacking is a pretty iffy thing, when we may have full access without the effort needed to hack the game.

2015: Didn't happen. Cyan has released a version of the game engine, Plasma, to the public domain.

  UU Server Configuration (2007) Wiki Un'til Uru Public Server Configuration  
    This link is for historical purposes and to honor those that persevered through what to date has been Uru's longest incarnation.  
    (2/08) There is revived interest in hacking Uru as the Cavern closed 4/4/2008. Links on this page lead to sites where interest is active.  
    7/2008 Myst Online: Restoration Experiment is under way. User Created Content (UCC) has been and is in progress.  
    Myst Online:Uru Live Again or MOULa opened.  

Uru Petitions

  Restore URU LIVE

2006 C. Eleri Hamilton Petition -  URU Petition 

2005-06 Petition - authur unknown - Uru Petition

2008 Petition - - Uru Petition - While this is unlikely to have an effect on GT, large numbers will help the future of Uru. (432 as of 7/4/08)

For historical purposes only. There is no real point in signing these since MORE was announced.


Uru Related

News & Uru Related
Gone A competent knowledge base on the history and culture of the D'ni Civilization as well as the entire series of Myst.  

An interesting site run by those preparing a movie about Myst. If you seriously want to support Uru/Myst this is an effort to support.

2015: This ended up going sideways. there is a TV series in the works.

    Myst Movies As of 2015 there is a plan to have a TV Series.Hulu TV Series  
    Myst Community An old site that has been around since about Riven's time.  
    The New Tree Council Down - Chat, forum and information.  
    COBBS Down COBBS is the Clockwork Orange BBS (If you are too young to know what a BBS is, tough.) This is the Uru techy site and one of the original homes of Uru hacking.  
    The D'ni Jazz Club Gone - The Jazz Club is nicely done site. There are bio's on the personalities in D'ni and DRC founders. Three is a good list of current activities related to D'ni and the restoration of Uru LIVE.  
    Myst Embassy Nexus The Myst Embassy Nexus is a collection of links to Myst related sites. Please review and vote for my site, thanks.  

Uru Related - Sort of...

    Verenia was an ambious project. The author, Amon-Re, has written an analysis of why the project failed. Excellent reading for anyone starting an ambious age creation project. Impressive self evaluation.  
    Eh'ko Age <span class="red">Gone</span> This blog contains copyrighted maps. For now I have obtained the right to show them here. These are excellent examples of maps and how they can be anotated without making spoilers. Also there are great illustrations of artifacts. Grand Master Pa'trick made many such drawings in his time.  

Myst Related - More than Just Uru

    Myst Outline Alpha Blue Gone These is all sorts of interesting triva in this site... THe names of the actors and actresses that played various Myst characters for one.  
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