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These search tools were added because some forum search features lack abilities common on most search engines. While it is possible to accomplish the same search using Google or Yahoo, these tools are designed to be easier to use. All the features of a Google search are available. See Google help for how to use them. (Essentials of Google Search)

Google Control Be sure to notice the search display control. This will allow one to show more or less results information.

MOUL is OPEN for play.

As of 2/8/2010 Cyan opened a server.



Guild of Archivists


This search page depended on ASP

coding only available on the old server.


This page will not work until I convert the page to PHP.

No ETA...

Let me know if you need this page.

<% If (Request.Form("searchbutton") = "GoA") Then %>
Search GoMa Loading...
<% Else %>
Search Myst Archive
<% End If %>

Guild of Cartographers

Tech Note: The UO forum does not have a link for individual posts, AFAIK. But the last item in a thread page's URL can be changed to make one. The &st=0 part points to an individual post. In the case of st=0 this is the 1st post on the 1st page, st=30 is the 1st on the 2nd page, st=60 is 1st on 3rd, and so on. Copy the URL, count the posts to your target, add that number to the 'st' value and you have a link to an individual post.

<% If (Request.Form("searchbutton") = "GoC") Then %>
Search GoC Loading...
<% Else %>
Search GoC Forum
<% End If %>
GoC Forum  

Guild of Maintainers

<% if( Request.Form("searchbutton") = "GoMa") then %>
Search GoMe Loading...
<% else %>
Search GoMa Forum
<% End If %>

Guild of Messengers

<% if( Request.Form("searchbutton") = "GoMe") then %>
Search GoMe Loading...
<% else %>
Search GoMe Forum
<% End If %> 

Guild of Writers

<% if( Request.Form("searchbutton") = "GoW") then %>
Search GoW Loading...
<% else %>
Search GoW Forum
<% End If %>
<% if( Request.Form("searchbutton") = "GoWiki") then %>
Search GoW Wiki Loading...
<% else %>
Search GoW Wiki
<% End If %>



<% if( Request.Form("searchbutton") = "MOUL") then %>
Search MO:UL Loading...
<% else %>
Search MO:UL Forum
<% End If %>

Rel.to Reference Site

<% if( Request.Form("searchbutton") = "Relto") then %>
Search Rel.to Loading...
<% else %>
Search Rel.to Site
<% End If %>

Uru Obsession

Search Uru Forum (same as GoC search above)    


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