Ahnonay Animated Map

  • Ages are numbered to match the numbering in game.
  • No attempt has been made to show cloth, switch/lever, or link locations within the spheres.
  • The rotation direction in the animation was changed 12/21/07 to show correct rotation.
  • Roll your mouse around to find the hot spots.
  • The books shown in the spheres are the Cathedral links on the pedestals. Right-click and zoom in to check the book image - map is shown at 100% on this page at initial load.
  • Current version 2.3 - Internet Explorer has problems refreshing the SWF file. You may have to close and reopen the browser to see the latest version. Check the lower right corner of the map for version number.

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NOTICE: This illustration is for the MO:UL game (2007). There is one more control in the CD game that allows a single player to complete the age and it is not shown in this illustration.

Additional Pictures of Ahnonay: Greeter Jiim - Myst-Uru Ahnonay Pictures


Map Information

  Ahnonay State Diagram Map There are several people's work that his illustration is based on. Particularly Christian Walther's Ahnonay State Diagram. (Shown left) Christian and UruBoo teamed up to confirm the operation of the Ahnonay spheres. Christian then confirmed that version 1.0 of the animation matched his diagram. So, I believe this version 2 is accurate. The change being the active position was moved to the top and better graphics were added.  

Ahnonay Fly Mode

There has been considerable discussion about which sphere is active, the top, one of the side positions, or the bottom position. People have brought up some excellent reasons for active sphere being in various positions. Ravin set up PoTS and used fly-mode to capture dome excellent shots of the Ahnonay model.

My present conclusion is that either Cyan's model is imperfect or the chair ride is incomplete.

  Ahnonay Sphers MoodyBlues4Me provided a great picture of the spheres. If one considers the swim through sphere #1, which would be half full of water (as Ravin's image shows), as leading to the axle then the chair ride would start from the sphere's rotation point (axle). One would then travel down the small tube shown in the image to end up in the hub of the 4 spheres. The vogondala ride proceeds out of that hub, down and rotating to reach the open section of the ride.  
  Ahnonay Fly Mode Hub

Grogyan provided some Blender images that convince me a side position for the active sphere is not right. In the large image zoom in and you can see no opening in the sphere surface. The 'belt' that seems to fit the left and right halfs of the sphere together, has no openings. Presumably each sphere would have to have an opening somewhere in the belt area if the exit point is not in the sphere's axle.

Grogyan changed this image to show how he be lives the chair ride works and the missing parts of the Cyan model. The apparatus with gears on the sphere is his addition as is the vertical tube from the axle to the hub tube.

The chair ride would move down his vertical tube. Otherwise if one were to assume the Cyan model is correct and complete, we would then have to assume that we travel through the curved tube starts at the sphere axle and ends just above the pink hub. From there we drop down into the vogondala, which would be in the pink hub.

Since we only see the start and end of the chair ride, there is no way to know if we travel through a curve or not. My belief is Cyan took a short cut on the chair ride part of the trip and the model is complete.

    Johnsojc's following comments contain additional spoilers on how Ahnonay works.  



Johnsojc confirmed sphere rotation in game from Kadish's observation room (control room). He wrote,"I reviewed the video I took of the sphere #3 to sphere #1 rotation. The markings on the exterior of the sphere are just enough different to tell them apart. I may have had video glitch but just as the spheres began to turn, the entire assembly jumped (no smooth animation) a quarter turn and then the animation took over for another quarter turn. So the spheres actually do turn a half turn between #3 and #1, skipping #4.

Since my original post I have come to understand that the action of the maintenance switches is to move the sphere you are in to the active position, where the door in the sphere lines up with the access tunnel to the vogondala (chair) ride. No matter where the sphere is, it will rotate either 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 of a turn CW. Unfortunately the animation for this was never made beyond a single 1/4 turn. So what you see is that the spheres will immediately jump either a 1/4 or 1/2 turn CW and then the 1/4 turn animation will run for the 1/2 and 3/4 rotations."


Ahnonay History


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